I Need a Trailer!

17/01/2016 Main

I’d like to welcome you back to my Art’s blog, hope you’ve enjoyed the read so far. So we’ve touched on art around the home and talked about what art fairs to look out for in 2016. Later in my blog I’d like to touch on those subjects again but this post is going to be taking things in a slightly different direction as I’m currently in the market for a trailer and wanted a bit of advice.

As you know I’m a big fan of art and a big fan of collectibles be it antiques, old paintings, ornaments etc. Around the home I like to be inventive and am always coming up with creative ideas. In order to make cool stuff around the home, I spend a lot of time shopping around for old antiques that people don’t necessarily see any value in and I then turn them into something cool and different. This may be at trunk sales, antique fairs, second-hand charity shops or online. Basically anywhere that I can find a bargain. This means I can then re-purpose what I buy and make it into something that somebody no longer wants to something that looks good. I’ve took the hobby a little further recently and have started making things not just for my home, but to sell to other people for their home. I can’t just sell my goods from home so need to attend art fairs where I can display my work and hopefully make a bit of money, promoting myself and what I’m about, along the way. Read more


Art at Home

11/01/2016 Main

I really hope that you have enjoyed my blog so far and hopefully I’ll see some of you at the Art Fair in London at the end of the month. I wanted the next article to be about something a little bit different as not to be too boring. I wanted to talk a little bit about Art around the home and some of the cool things you can do with cheap materials, to make your home look a bit more, Arty and fun. I’ve been searching far and wide, reading through book after book and searching the internet from top to bottom, trying to gain inspiration. If anyone has any input, then I’d really like to hear your ideas. It’s great fun adapting your own techniques after being inspired by other people’s ideas and ingenuity so you should really have a go if your one of those people who just paints the walls magnolia and sticks-up a few random pictures.

OK, so here’s a few little tips: Read more


Sally's Art

01/01/2016 Main

Hello everybody, my name is Sally. This is a small introduction to my blog on Arts and Crafts. I like my quirky art and very interested in design. I’m always trying new themes and styles around the home and like to give my own personal touch. I am just putting together my first article so please be patient and do return.

Thanks so much, Read more