Art at Home

I really hope that you have enjoyed my blog so far and hopefully I’ll see some of you at the Art Fair in London at the end of the month. I wanted the next article to be about something a little bit different as not to be too boring. I wanted to talk a little bit about Art around the home and some of the cool things you can do with cheap materials, to make your home look a bit more, Arty and fun. I’ve been searching far and wide, reading through book after book and searching the internet from top to bottom, trying to gain inspiration. If anyone has any input, then I’d really like to hear your ideas. It’s great fun adapting your own techniques after being inspired by other people’s ideas and ingenuity so you should really have a go if your one of those people who just paints the walls magnolia and sticks-up a few random pictures.

OK, so here’s a few little tips:


I wouldn’t suggest putting maps all-around the home but I do have a spare room where I’ve got a little collection. In order to make them a little more aesthetic to look at, I suggest using a variation of sizes and styles for the maps and likewise, use different shapes and styles for the frames that you put around them. Also make sure they’re not all creased-up. You can place them randomly on the wall, so they’re accessible to read, and you’ll then get a really nice affect and the boring wall will be bought to life.



Chalk Boards

I really enjoy putting chalk boards in frames, drawing on a nice logo, motif, saying etc and then giving a bit of an effect with the chalk to give it that antique kind of old feel to it. You’d be amazed at the effect you can get if you play round with it. I’d suggest maybe a brass looking patterned frame or a nice old looking wooden frame in order to get the maximum effect but you can also do them without any frame. You can either buy the blackboard or use blackboard paint to create yourself from scratch.

There’s a few of my tips for the home. I’ve got many more I’m trying out so I’ll drop another post in at some point letting you in on a few more.

Thanks Again,