Artistic movement : classicism

Hello ! welcome back to my art blog. I would like to sahre with you my artistic movement preferred : the classicism.
Classicism, in the arts, commonly refers to an artistic movement after the middle age that holds in high regard the classical antiquity, making this time the standard of style to copy. The classical era is a specific type of philosophy, which is manifested in literature, architecture, art and music, which has a Greek Foundation and Rome, and that puts the tone to the civilization. It is mainly translated by the neoclassicism of the 1700s.

Nearby 450 before jesus christ, the Greece sculpture styles are controlled by the Preclassic or the severe style. It marks the mutation to a significantly expanded vocabulary, the division of the canonical aspects of archaic art and expression of classical during the end of the 5th century. Inside of a large number of cities in the world in links with the ancient Greece, the international style is transformed in architecture, stelae and styles round bump bronze sculpture.

The French painter Poussin (1594-1665) was a painter of classical style. He produced several paintings for the Royal chapels and the artist receives the title of first painter of the King by King Louis xiii. Is one of my artist preferred and you can see a realization of him on the picture under this article.  His work lies in clarity, logic and order, and advantage the color line. His work is a different option to the style baroque, dominant in the in the 1700s. even in the 20th century, it remained the source of suction un numbers for artists geared towards classicism as Jacques-Louis David and Paul Cézanne-Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.