Body Art

Today’s is all about the culture of body art. Body art is a form of body enhancement that pre-dates recorded history. The reason why people choose or are compelled to modify their bodies are numerous. Some do so purely for aesthetic or decorative purposes while others do so spiritual or symbolic reasons. Body art roughly falls into one of two categories: piercing or tattooing.


Body Piercing

Body piercing is a procedure where one punctures or cuts the skin in order to attach jewelry to the body. Some do so as a form of self-expression and individualism while others indulge in the practise on purely sensual level. With such a vast spectrum  body jewelry available, there is style or look for all tastes and preferences, ranging from the elegant to the surreal.

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The most common piercing in the modern world is the pierced earlobe. This is particularly common amongst females and increasingly popular amongst males. Piercings in any other part of the body are often considered to be somewhat extreme by society, although to what level depends on the area or body part being pierced. The piercing of the upper ear, nose, eyebrow, lip, tongue and other areas on the face are becoming ever more prominent in today’s society. The naval piercing is also a popular choice among young women. Piercing of the nipples and/or male and female genitalia is also an increasingly common trend. Other extreme procedures include the insertion of objects actually under the skin and the intentional stretching of the earlobes.

If you are thinking about having a piercing of any kind, safety and hygiene should be of paramount importance. It is much more complicated a procedure than one might initially think. It is imperative to employ the services of a fully trained professional with experience and good reputation. You may wish to consult with the body artist prior to making any final decisions on going ahead with a piercing. DIY piercing at home is highly dangerous and can result in nasty infections and even septicemia in really serious cases. Every person is physically different and not all piercings are possible or achievable on each and everybody. Once you have decided on a piercing location, be sure to check with your body art professional that the piercing is viable and will be successful. Tongue and navel piercings can be especially problematic for certain people. You should also consider the lasting effect a piercing will have on you as a person. Although body art is not a taboo in today's society, it can still be deemed as undesirable many potential employers in certain industries. This potential discrimination should be seriously considered before proceeding with a piercing. You can check out and compare a whole range of bargain piercing jewelry or jewellery for sale online here: 

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Tattoos are a form of body modification where pictures or shapes are permanently “drawn” on the body by inserting ink into the skin with a needle to change the colour. It is extremely popular in today’s society and can range from a simple tattoo on one's arm, shoulder or ankle to the more extreme levels where individuals have tattoos covering their whole body, including the face and genitalia.



When considering whether or not to have a tattoo, one should take into account the factors described above in the case of body piercing. But one should also remember that in the case of tattoos, they are mostly permanent and irreversible without undergoing complicated and expensive procedures such as laser removal. The decision to have a tattoo should not be taken lightly. Although many, many people make this crucial decision while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, only to regret it the very next day. Once a sober and conscious decision has been made to have a tattoo, the next step in the process is to choose a tattoo design that is right for you as an individual. There is an endless number of designs and styles out there to help express your individualism and personal identity. These include abstractions, naturalistic, stylized and pledge designs. Even 3D tattoos now exist and can be purchased for the right price. Bespoke designs can also be commissioned but a talented and experienced artist should be sought out before doing so. Ensure to ask to look at their portfolio of work and check that it is to your personal taste before parting with any money or signing a contract of any kind. Commissioning an artist to start on a design is a serious undertaking and shouldn’t taken lightly. You can check out more about tattoos at this website:


I hope this overview of body art and body enhancement has proved useful and entertaining. Why not write in and tell us about your favourite piercing or tattoo and even send us a photo (nothing obscene please folks, this is a family blog don’t forget!) Until next time folks!