Penguin Wall Art

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a signature piece for my living room wall.  I’ve found some great and quirky works of modern art but my budget is a bit tight at the moment and, unfortunately, it transpires that I have expensive tastes. Every piece I admire would rack up a bill well into the thousands! The cheaper works I have seen just don’t have the wow factor that I’m looking for.


After a bit of research, I found something I can make at home for a fraction of the cost but with the same bold effect.  I’ve been a fan of Penguin books since I was a child and the vintage aesthetic of the covers is something I find both beautiful and to be in keeping with the general style of my home.  So I was delighted to be inspired by this Penguin postcard wall art.



All I need to do is purchase a pack of vintage Penguin book cover postcards and a piece of foam board cut to size, a slightly smaller wooden frame, picture wire and some double sided adhesive tape.  The variety of bold colours used to create the Penguin front covers looks so attractive as a montage and it will add exactly the splash of colour that my living room needs.  It will also be wonderful to look up at the wall and see some of my favourite children’s classics, reminding me daily of the idyllic childhood I had.


I’d like to do something similar, but not exactly the same, in my dining room. If anyone has tried DIY wall art and has some inspiration for me then please send me your ideas and photos. I would love to create something equally as stunning and meaningful for this room.


Thanks and chat again soon, Sally.