The meaning of art

For many people, art is an abstract thing, not always understanding if there is something to understand through a work of art. I will try to enlighten you the best with my opinion.

A work of art is the creation of an artist so a subject who thinks, feels and designs based on his personal history, his state of mind, his culture and his era. The work is therefore the result of a work that assumes that there were intentions and expectations on the part of its creator. It is for these reasons that we speak of a sense of the work, the word meaning referring to the idea that the work means something that it refers to something other than itself - an idea, a feeling, an emotion, etc. - in accordance with the definition of the sign in general. To have more information and to buy some products, I often surf on art websites.


The work of art has a meaning

A work of art in the context of a time and a culture exemplified it in its own way. It expresses the spirit of a historical era and know it allows to understand the origin and its author's intentions. For example, in literature, reading of the monumental work of Balzac “la comédie humaine” requires to have knowledge of the historical context and the ambitions of the author since his project is intended to describe both specific to the human condition in general features and a period of particular history.


Moreover, the author may also explicitly assume the meaning he wanted to transmit through his work. In this case, knowledge of this sense can promote the relationship of appreciation there. One think here in the different forms of art said committed. As Hegel says, the art work externalized mind and registered its presence in the world of objects. The work of art done so sign in his direction, and from this point of view, always has a meaning.


The work of art doesn’t give a message

The work of art does not communicate thoughts directly as the language the fact through the words. This would imply an intention to perfectly clear and explicit meaning in the mind of the artist, and for the Viewer, a Faculty of decode work, therefore the possession and control of a code. However, this is not the case. A composer who is embarking on the creation of a piece of music does not use the notes as to the words. Maybe there desires to serve or to express things but this does not mean that he knows in advance exactly where it goes or what it will do. On the side of the reception of the work, it is not necessary, if one takes a pictorial example, to know the Gospel, to have the emotion with a painting depicting a Virgin with the child. Conversely, it’s not because you understand the event represented by the table that you will appreciate it. We can therefore say that the notion of sense is relatively independent of the work of art understood as aesthetic experience with the double perspective of the creator and the Viewer.


The work of art is source of meanings

Rather than talk about a sense, should further refer to the multiple meanings which are carrying artworks and give them their interest. Each listening to a piece of music, each replay of a poem, new images may arise, emotions or unreleased feelings overwhelmed us. The work is a source of meanings and these are relatively independent of its author. An important work of art is a rich work. It is because it has no meaning frozen, fixed once and for all.


Finally, art is not always a sense if meant by there a message sent through it. On the other hand, it is significant for several reasons: it echoes a culturally creative context, personality and ambitions of an artist and it causes of States and reactions among those who attend. But these different possible meanings are not correlated with each other.

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